Do You Suffer From Cracked Heels?

Cracked heels can be so painful when every step you take is an OUCH!

Cracked heels can be recognised by a build up of dry cracked skin around the edge of the heel and split vertically all around the heel, the pain is felt with every step and is very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, if your heels are prone to cracking they often need a little TLC to keep the skin soft and pliable. This is where our silicone heel sleeves come in ! Worn at night, they give your heels time to soften, we don't always have time to soak our cracked heels in water during the day so it's perfect to slip them on at night after massaging some heel balm or oil into your feet and let your body repair itself overnight.

Instructions For Use: Night Time Repair
Get relief with our medical grade silicone heel sleeves, perfect for use at night in conjunction with foot balm or oil.
To help ease the soreness of cracked heels, we find it best to massage oil or foot balm into your heels at night before going to bed, then slip on your heel sleeves to soothe and protect your heels. The oil or foot balm will get to work while you sleep and the softened skin on your heels will be able to start the healing process.
If you find that the silicone clings to the bed sheets when you turn over at night, you can slip on a pair of soft socks over your heel sleeves.
We recommend that you regularly buff away rough, dry, hard and calloused skin using a file or pumice stone for best results. Follow this by gently massaging foot balm int o your heels.
Our heel sleeves can also be used while walking to protect and soothe your heels. We do recommend that if you are walking with your heel sleeves on, DO WEAR SOCKS with them.
Your heel sleeves will last much longer when worn under socks.
Wearing your heel sleeves under socks will also help prevent you from slipping and falling on hard, slippery floors.

WARNING: Please take care when walking without socks over your silicone heel sleeves as your feet may slide around due to the foot balm/oil

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