Alter your lifestyle habits to reduce your skin aging

Alter your lifestyle habits to reduce your skin aging

Unfortunately no matter how hard we try, we can’t stop the clock on turn back time to return to our more youthful looks.  And while many of us may wish we could, others have embraced the changes in our skin, looks, hair and body as we age and mature.  We only have one body and as our skin is the largest organ of our body, so keeping it healthy is so vital when it comes to our skin aging.

Taking a look at your lifestyle habits and making some simple changes to your daily routine can be have a dramatic effect on how well you age promote overall wellness.

Keep hydrated

Water helps flush out any toxins in your body and can help moisturise your skin from the inside out.  Drinking enough water throughout the day with help reduce your skin aging and keep you looking youthful.

Up your greens

Not only do fibre-rich vegetables help keep your system in check, they also help naturally clean your teeth by preventing plaque from sticking to the enamel.  A diet packed with vegetables will also provide you with radiant, glowing skin.

Avoid heat styling

Heat styling your hair on a regular basis can lead to dull, flat strands aging you immediately.  Try and avoid it every day opting to towel dry your hair instead.

Apply sunscreen daily

Regular use of sunscreen can protect you from not only skin cancer but also from skin aging.  Apply it daily even when the sun isn’t out and use more than you think you need for optimal protection.

Use a moisturiser

Applying moisturiser to your skin will improve its health instantly.  Pay particular attention not only on the face and neck, but also your hands which are prone to accelerated skin aging.

Say no to foods that stain your teeth

Hot, sticky foods lathered in sauces, red wine, coffee and cola are some of the worst staining foods when it comes to your teeth.  A white, fresh smile can only improve your youthful appearance.

Cleanse regularly

Alter your lifestyle habits to reduce your skin aging

Impurities like dirt, bacteria and make-up effect the health of your skin.  Avoiding cleansing the skin can lead to a build-up and have a dramatic impact on its health.

Enjoy a manicure

Ensuring your hands and nails are well polished can wipe off a few years of your age particularly as your hands are one of the main body parts that reveals your real age. Good excuse for a manicure right?

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will not only make you feel fit and younger, it will also improve your blood circulation and in turn reduce your skin aging.

Remove the salt shaker

Limiting your daily salt intake will make you feel less bloated as your body will retain less excess water.  One of the results from watching the amount of sodium in your diet will been in your face particularly below your eyes.

Reduce your stress

Acne breakouts, eczema and wrinkles are a common sign you are under stress.  Reducing this stress can lead to radiant, health skin and decrease any inflammatory processes with the body.


Those dark circles under your eyes and your skin’s dull appearance is due to you not getting enough sleep.  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night to ensure your body gets the rest it needs to fight another day.

Making a few changes to your lifestyle and daily habits can have a dramatic effect on your skin aging and help your achieve a more youthful appearance.