How did Little Wing Beauty get started ?

gravatar-shirleyI've always had allergies, from being allergic to pollen when I was very young to being allergic to many common ingredients in topical skin care so I always have to be extremely careful about what products I use on my skin.  I was having so many skin allergies recently that I  arranged to patch testing with my dermatologist, we did the whole range, my back was covered with patches and my goodness did they itch !

When the results of the allergy tests came back, even I was shocked ! A lot of things I knew about of course, but my doctor gave me about 12 fact sheets full of info about the things that I had reacted to. Some things I reacted to instantly, some things after 3 days and others after 5 days which does make it hard to know exactly WHAT I have been allergic to in the past because the reaction is sometimes delayed.  For example, I'm allergic to MOST sunscreens- but I don't find out until I've used it for a day or so by which time the rash and bumps that appear have already been burned by the sun, double trouble!

Do I hear you say " Why don't you use fake tan?"

Great idea! I've tried them all, and yes, allergic to every one!


allergy-patch-testing_250The best example was the first time I tried fake tan, I did it the day before I travelled, by the time I disembarked after a 7 hour flight, I was bright red and blotchy all over and had to spend the whole week out of the sun, in Bahrain ! That's a toughie !

After finding out exactly what causes reactions for me from the patch testing, I've been experimenting with different anti aging skin care products for several months now, trying to find products that I can use myself, my theory is that if I can use it, it must be safe enough for just about anyone. I'm no scientist but I do know what my skin likes and doesn't like .

I'm semi vegetarian, have been for 3o years , can't abide animal cruelty, very green minded so all our products are chosen to fit in with our ethics and companies who supply  or make our products MUST fit in with our strict criteria.

It has taken quite a few months of research and testing samples from various companies etc but now that I've found products that I really love and believe in, my daughter Hana and I are marketing  our own products under our own brand name of Little Wing Beauty.

Is it hard work? Well, we work long hours, but quite honestly, I haven't had as much fun in years, I LOVE writing about our products and answering customer questions, I especially love getting great reviews from satisfied customers, here are a couple of them:



Hana and I also run a  website designing and social media strategy business so it is a natural step for us to create and manage our own web and social media presence and I must say that our products are gaining in popularity so much that Dragons Net Solutions is taking quite a back seat at the moment . 😉

We believe in our products enough to be able to back every one of them with a 100% guarantee. Customer satisfaction is so important to us that on the rare ocasion when a customer has had the need to contact us, we have worked with them until they are totally delighted with our services.

If you would like further info on any of our premium skin care products, please contact us.

Best wishes,