HanaGrowing up in the 90′s and 2000′s had its real perks, like technology for example, being able to have a computer/music player/camera/phone all in one that fits in your pocket?

Really quite amazing. There have been so many drastic changes in technology over the past few decades that it has actually managed to change the hard-wiring of a generation.

We are now living in a Media-driven world where we are constantly seeing beautiful people, models, actresses, fitness inspirations, you name it, all over glossy magazines and TV’s. It has never been easier to preach to the world about what is means to be beautiful, what you should eat, drink and wear to look beautiful.

There’s so much information that it’s hard to know what to believe and so very easy to be influenced by what you see.

I personally have been pounded with media since I can remember and have tried and tested so many different beauty trends, diets, creams, serums and all sorts. It’s only in the past year or two that I have finally found stable ground and discovered what really works the best to keep my skin hydrated, spot free and looking great.

Aside from drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables, a daily Skin Care Routine with high quality skin products has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. I’ve stopped washing my face with drying soaps that promise to “cure your spots” and have stopped choosing the face creams that smell the best. Repeat after me: Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Eye Gel, Moisturize.

My mum and I searched and searched for the best quality skin care products we could find that had: natural ingredients, the least amount of chemicals possible, no cruelty to animals and powerful new ingredients that work wonders for anti-aging and especially for preventing aging of the skin. In fact, it’s best practice to prevent wrinkles before they appear rather than fixing them once they’ve formed, so even if you’re in your early twenties, it’s still so beneficial to find a beauty skincare routine that works for you.

Hana StretchOur Little Wing Beauty business continues to grow and we both love working for a purpose that we really care about. As well as Beauty, we are just as passionate about Health and Fitness, which is why we’ve also started a fitness company called Limber Stretch where we sell top of the line products for fitness and flexibility. Feel free to hop over and see what Limber Stretch is all about at Limberstretch.com/about

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Director at Little Wing Beauty