Who Are Little Wing Beauty ?

Little Wing Beauty is a small privately owned company with a range of top quality, luxury anti-ageing skin care products. We carefully select, try & test each product ourselves so you get only the best of the best!

Our products are carefully formulated in the US at FDA Certified laboratories.

Our own criteria are VERY tough as our range of products includes ONLY products that we would be happy to use ourselves on a regular basis.

Our Mission

To any age and any gender, our top quality product range will help you look and feel your best everyday using only proven ingredients !


Our range of beauty and lifestyle products are products we use ourselves and have found to be essential items in our health and wellness regimes. Starting your day with a simple, healthy beauty routine will help you look your best all day and prepare your skin for days to come.

Our products not only prevent the signs of ageing for a younger generation, they also help boost the elasticity and firmness of more mature skin. Our anti-ageing skin serums such as the Retinol Serum and Vitamin C Serum have only the necessary, high quality ingredients to improve your skins conditions.

These products are all developed by scientists in the U.S in FDA-certified labs so rest assured, the quality is of the highest it can be.

Retinol Serum with Vitamin C

Vitamin C Serum

Peptide Rich Anti Wrinkle Day Cream

Hydrating Vitamin C Toner

White French Clay Luxury Face Mask

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